Adrian Ray

Blue Collar, In-Your-Face, Country Music with an edge is the best way to describe Adrian Ray. He truly bridges today’s Country Music with Classic Rock, Southern Rock, and Soul. There is such a medley of influences in the band, that they most definitely keep the attention of all who hear.

Decades Rewind

Whether you remember exactly where you were when you heard your favorite song or you are experiencing it all for the first time, Decades Rewind will connect you to the power of the greatest hits of the 60s, 70s, and 80s! Decades Rewind is a high energy theatrical concert experience that features the disco, funk, rock, Motown, and pop hits that defined the best period in music history. With more than 60 songs, 100 costume changes, and tons of nostalgic video that bring you back in time, Decades Rewind is the live concert experience that you’ve been waiting your entire life for.

Den of Thieves

Den of Thieves is a metal, rock, classic rock band in Tampa Florida. They play heavy metal cover tunes from the 70’s to current times and can be seen playing at local venues throughout the Tampa Bay area.


Formed 1985,Tampa, FL, United States, but soon relocated to Los Angeles in order to be part of the bigger metal scene. The band’s original member was Greg Pecka of Dokken fame. Kenny McGee soon met up with Kevin DuBrow of Quiet Riot who helped with the band’s debut. These sessions were re-issued by Metal Mayhem and were called Passion
The band split up when grunge hit and McGee returned to Florida in order to put together a solo band. He was also a member of Heartless, a nightclub proprietor and a wrestler. Julliet recorded a new album in 2004.

Killer Bee

On a rampage through the 90’s with the release of 3 albums, 5 singles and as many videos. Killer Bee showed at that time that traditional hard rock of the truest kind never dies.

Their bull headed approach and never say die attitude landed them shows all over the world between 1994-1998 from the RED SQUARE & OLYMPIC STADIUM in Moscow, SUPER RALLY – Harley Davidson Festival in Vorarlberg Austria, OUT IN THE GREEN, BRIENZERSEE ROCKFESTIVAL, BRONCOS FESTIVAL, PASHANGA FESTIVAL to name but a few in Switzerland together with artists such as OASIS, R.E.M, ELTON JOHN, ROD STEWART, PAGE & PLANT, MEGADEATH, PETER FRAMPTON and many more. In May 1998 after a 6 month period in the Canary Islands Killer Bee took a break, a break that would last 15 years and refuel the engines that propelled Killer Bee into action way back then… Well, now they’re back, hungry and steadfast.

Mad Beach Mafia

The Mad Beach Mafia is Jimmy DeLisi of Julliet and Decades Rewind (lead guitar), John Spinelli (Drums), Leo Binetti of Decades Rewind (Bass guitar) and Twinkle of Rock Soul Radio (lead singer). Sometimes the incredible Jerry Outlaw (Bogus Pomp, Genitorturers) covers for Jimmy. Recently Tommy Zvoncheck has joined in on keyboards, he has toured and recorded with several national acts. All made loud and proud the soundman and sometimes keyboardist, Glenn Laubaugh.

Purple Machine

Purple Machine performs the music of the legendary Deep Purple.